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A website dedicated to cultural diversity by Vivendi

Vivendi launched on May 21 a new website entirely devoted to cultural diversity. “Culture(s) with Vivendi: a journey through cultural diversity” (, presented in French and in English, is perfectly in line with the group’s strategy to encourage creativity in all its diverse forms and to promote culture as one of the pillars of sustainable development. “Culture(s) with Vivendi” goes online on May 21 to celebrate the United Nations’ World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.


The site is divided into three sections:

  • “Artist Inspiration” illustrates, through a series of concrete examples, the diversity of influences, and particularly musical and cinematographic influences, underpinning artistic creation.
  • “Creative Jobs”, aimed especially at young people, lets them discover the diversity of professions in the cultural industries through the eyes of professionals.
  • “Intercultural Dialogue” provides gateways to other cultures through many examples.


The site was created with the group’s businesses. It will be regularly enriched with new artistic itineraries and additional personal accounts.


In a video of 2011 Avignon forum (from 03’50), dedicated to the importance of investment in culture for children’s education, Pascale Thumerelle, Vivendi’s Vice President of Sustainable development, also presents the project of the website “Culture(s) with Vivendi”.

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