At the forefront

Canal+, leader in innovation and cultural diversity

The Averroes Club, whose membership includes nearly 400 professionals with an interest in promoting diversity in French media, has been recognizing the Canal+ Group for several years. In its 2011 report, the Averroes Club again hailed the channel’s diversity strategy not only regarding its content, but also the production of its programs and its staff.

Excerpt from the 2011 Averroes Club report:

“Once again this year, we find Canal+ Group to be the most exemplary in terms of diversity. “Nulle part ailleurs” (“Nowhere else”), one of the Canal+ slogans, has never been more accurate in terms of diversity in unscripted programs. Rodolphe Belmer, Managing Director of Canal+, has always endeavored to offer content that is as open to French society and the world as possible. This is a chance for the Averroes Club to pay homage to his efforts. Canal+ has often been at the forefront of audiovisual innovation, and it is now, in 2011, the leading channel in terms of diversity. This may explain Canal+’s secret: that diversity is not a problem, but rather a solution and success factor. At Canal+, there is no need for a diversity committee or diversity manager; diversity considerations have always been part of its strategy, in terms of the network (all of its unencrypted broadcasts), the content of its programs, and its human resources, producers, directors and scriptwriters…(…) In most areas – including fiction, documentaries, news, production quality and entertainment value – Canal+ demonstrates a commitment to concrete, quantifiable and very high quality results.”

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