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New orchestras have been inaugurated over the past few weeks at the following middle schools: Bellefontaine, in Toulouse, on April 5; Albens, in the Savoie region, on April 28; Saint-Philbert de Grand Lieu, in the Nantes region, on June 7; and Créon, in the Gironde region, on June 14.

During the opening ceremonies, the orchestra was presented and played a few pieces to an emotional audience of parents, elected officials and partners, all of them stakeholders in the project.

Mini-concert of the St-Philbert de Grand Lieu School Orchestra. The pupils, all non musicians, began music 4 month ago. See you all next year to hear you again !

Toulouse_Bellefontaine_OAESchool Orchestra of Toulouse-Bellefontaine StPhilbert_OAESchool Orchestra of St-Philbert de Grand Lieu
On June 5, the orchestra of the Paul Eluard middle school of Roncq, near Lille, gave a remarkable performance at the end of the Vivendi shareholders’ information meeting, which was held at the Zénith de Lille with Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman of Vivendi’s Management Board, on hand. Roncq_OAE
Moret_sur_Loing_TF1_OAE The Sisley de Moret-sur-Loing middle school was covered on French television channel TF1’s 8 p.m. news. It was fitting recognition for the work of these young musicians.
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