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Recognition for Maroc Telecom’s “green” innovations

  • A_la_pointe_DD_MarocTelecom_cyberarbreAt the seventh International Moroccan Agriculture Show in April 2012, for which it was the official sponsor, Maroc Telecom presented the Cyber Tree project, a part of its sustainable development strategy. Every year, Moroccan forests are ravaged by various fires. The goal of this new campaign is to equip trees at the edges of forests with video cameras and systems designed to detect smoke and heat. This equipment runs on solar energy and is connected by mobile and 3G networks to monitoring centers operated by the authorities in charge. Text messages and streaming video are transmitted to these authorities in real time in the event of a fire. The operator received the Best Research and Innovation Award for this Cyber Tree project.


  • A_la_pointe_DD_MarocTelecom_ParcMaroc Telecom also supports the Mohammed VI Foundation for environmental protection and has participated in its Clean Beaches program since 2001. It equips and develops 16 beaches in the kingdom every year, three of which bear the Pavillon Bleu, a European label attesting to the beaches’ cleanliness, high water quality for swimming and general development.  In 2011, Maroc Telecom commissioned painter and sculptor Abdelkrim Ouazzani, director of the Tétouan arts school, to design and create an eco-friendly children’s playground at Achakar Beach, one of the three Pavillon Bleu sites. This achievement was recognized by Princess Lalla Hasnaa, chairwoman of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, who presented Mr. Ouazzani with the Innovation Award at the 2011 Lalla Hasnaa Clean Beaches Awards ceremony on May 26.

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