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Youth orchestras exchange between France and the UK

Echange_musical_OAE_MFYIn the previous issue of Sh@ring Vivendi, we mentioned that an orchestra at a French school would be selected to participate in an exchange with an orchestra of young British musicians from the Music for Youth organization. Three School Orchestras in France were selected to defend their project in front of a Jury at Vivendi Offices. Back on that selection day. [The video is only available in French. It was shooted on the selection day]




We are proud to announce that the orchestra class from the F. Lallart de Gorron middle school in Mayenne will enjoy this unique experience. During a one-week workshop in Rochdale (in the Manchester area), they will compose a piece under the direction of Tim Steiner, and will then perform it at the Royal Albert Hall. They will be hosted by local families and will explore the cities of Manchester and London. In turn, they will host their British counterparts in Mayenne.

In early May, an initial educational meeting between the French and British music teachers was held in London. Together, they visited the Royal Albert Hall – an iconic venue that inspired emotion and a bit of apprehension. Then, at  Universal Music, Tim Steiner directed improvisation workshops. In just a few minutes, the ice was broken, and the encounter was a great success.

On June 18-19 and 21-22, composer Tim Steiner traveled to Gorron and then Rochdale respectively to lead student workshops. A dedicated website was created to help the students get to know each other virtually, share music and keep in touch.

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