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From sea to hospital, hospital to sea

Vivendi Create Joy aims to help disadvantaged young people achieve their full potential trough Vivendi’s businesses. In 2012, Create Joy funds  Matelots de la Vie (Sailors for Life),  for the originality of the project, for the number of young people touched by the adventure, for the innovative and original use of the digital technology and also for the message of hope it conveys.

Les Matelots de la Vie is an organization serving young teens who are recovering from serious illness or are in remission. Participants, referred to as “young sailors,” spend a period of three weeks at sea healing, rebuilding their confidence, experiencing an adventure and sharing their experience with other hospitalized children by sending them a message of hope. Thanks to the Internet, the young sailors stay in touch with an entire network of partner hospitals and share news, photos and videos of their trip. The sailors also count on their hospitalized friends to solve online puzzles so they can discover the clues that will lead them to the next step in the expedition.

The originality of this project lies in the interaction between the young sailors at sea and the children in the hospitals. The expedition is “steered” by the hospitalized children from their beds as they solve online puzzles on the website. The sailors film their adventures and put the videos online every evening so that their hospitalized friends can follow along and take part in the fun. Videoconferences are also held each week between the boat and the partner hospitals.

This year, the sailors will have Nice as their home port, and will be sailing on the Patriac’h, a 24-meter steel schooner. From July 11 to August 1, they set sail for the west coast of the Mediterranean, from the Vermeille Coast to the Iles d’Or, and from August 2 to 23, they head south to explore the hidden treasures of Corsica.

We wish them bon voyage!

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