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Jeunes Talents concerts

Jeunes Talents identifies and encourages young professional musicians. In addition to the professional integration of young virtuosos, however, the organization aims to make classical music accessible to all. To this end, Create Joy finances 22 concerts per year, at a rate of about two concerts per month, at the Robert Debré hospital (the leading children’s hospital in France). The virtuosos perform at the Maison des Adolescents in a recreation space for hospitalized teenagers.

For the patients, these concerts are an enjoyable break from their daily life at the hospital, while the artists greatly appreciate this contact with young audience members, highlighting the listeners’ attentiveness and the joy the musicians feel in sharing their love for classical music with these young people, most of whom have never even seen musical instruments up close.

The medical team supports this initiative with great enthusiasm




Every year, Jeunes Talents holds its European Festival  in Paris. Between July 6 and 27, over 20 concerts are offered at the Hôtel de Soubise in the Marais quarter, Paris. It’s a great way to hear the big-name musicians of tomorrow!

The Jeunes Talents organization usually dedicates one concert during its festival to Vivendi Create Joy. This year, it is a great one : on June 18, a concert featuring Tatsuki Narita on violin and Da-Hee Kim on piano is clearly going to be an exceptional event.

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