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Kindia 2015, an innovative Canal+ editorial project

Canal+ GroupThe Canal+ documentary department has launched Kindia 2015, a highly innovative editorial project. This move reconfirms the channel’s documentary strategy, which is in tune with today’s world, aims to open minds to other cultures and encourages people to create a sustainable, supportive world.

Rather than occasional reports and programs, the Canal+ documentary department chose to undertake a long-term project that would follow a development process over time. Kindia 2015 will give rise to the programming of four 90-minute documentaries that will be aired in prime time beginning at the end of 2012, with one documentary created each year between now and 2015. This project will have a major web presence and allow Canal+ subscribers the rare chance to follow an inclusive, growth-from-within development process over the long term.

The camera crews will spend a period of five years in Kindia, a town in the West African nation of Guinea Conakry. They will observe the efforts carried out there by organizations working on local development and will evaluate the results and benefits for the population. The projects undertaken cover the Millennium Objectives set by the UN in 2000, including food safety, agriculture and the environment, education, health, water and sanitation, as well as social and economic integration for young people.

At the same time, Canal+ has decided to provide financial support to the organizations that will be filmed thanks to an endowment fund. Working in particular with UNICEF, the group plans to launch a participatory initiative between the channel and its subscribers aimed at helping African populations. With this pioneering initiative, Canal+ is opening television up to international development.

This video is only available in French.

Kindia 2015, an unprecedented adventure in television. Canal+ will follow local development projects in the long term carried out by local population in the area of Kindia; while participating to their financing. Canal+’s subscribers are invited to engage themselves in this collaborative project, by sharing their experiences or offering donations. With Kindia 2015, Canal+ commits to a different, supportive and sustainable television.

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