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Maroc Telecom helps preserve Morocco’s cultural heritage

In May 2012, the director of the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM) and the Chairman of Maroc Telecom’s Management Board signed a partnership agreement covering the introduction of a long-term solution for conserving and accessing rare and precious books in digital format.

The National Library, which archives over 13,000 very old manuscripts, has begun the digitization of these documents with a view to creating a Moroccan digital library. Maroc Telecom has provided financial and technical support regarding the acquisition of a solution for storing and preserving these rare works, which would otherwise be doomed to disappear, as well as for viewing them online. This solution will be hosted and maintained free-of-charge by Maroc Telecom.

Helping to preserve these priceless documents is part of Maroc Telecom’s sustainable development strategy and, more specifically, its efforts to end the digital divide and increase partnerships among the kingdom’s key cultural players.


Left: The director of BNRM (at right) and the Chairman of Maroc Telecom’s Management Board sign the agreement. Right: Explanation of the restoration process that old manuscripts undergo before they are digitized.

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