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Each year in the context of the publication of its Activity and Sustainable Development Report, Vivendi encourages its multiple stakeholders to engage in increasingly in-depth constructive dialogue on the company’s sustainable development policy. This dialogue provides the opportunity to deepen the group’s sustainable development policy. This openness to debate fosters creative discussions and encourages innovation.

Jean-Philippe Desmartin, Head of ESG Research, Oddo Securities, demonstrates the alliance between sustainable development and innovation at Vivendi.

A l'ecoute_Temoignages_JP DesmartinSustainable Development and Innovation: Think positive & think outside the box !

 « (….) we salute the approachtaken by Vivendi since 2003 – an approachthat is innovative and vitally pertinent tomanaging, measuring and emphasizingthe specific long-term societalcharacteristics of its business activities.As a leader in the content industry(cinema, music, television, etc.), weappreciate the focus on opportunitiesrelated to cultural diversity. Reducingthe digital divide also appears to us to beindispensable for telecommunications,knowledge, and information. Finally, ininvesting in protecting and empoweringyouth, Vivendi is fully consistent with along-term vision of future generations. »

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