Special Focus

Publication of the so-called Grenelle II Law decree

The implementing decree of Article 225 of the so-called Grenelle II Law on corporate-transparency requirements for social and environmental issues was published on April 24. This text confirms the obligations that must be met by listed companies and those firms with threshold criteria. In their next management report, the companies in question must publish social, environmental and societal information.

The publication of societal information, involving the required verification of extra-financial information, is one of the new features of this application text. At group level, the involvement of head office and the subsidiaries in extra-financial reporting allowed us to anticipate these changes. After defining social indicators directly linked to its operations in 2003, Vivendi has been reporting on its societal responsibility performance since 2008 in its Sustainable Development Reports. In terms of verification, the voluntary auditing of a selection of social and environmental information by the group’s statutory auditors has already been conducted for several years. For the first time this year, two societal indicators have been added, covering the existence of formal commitments on the integration of sustainable development criteria into the purchasing policy and on the ethics of content, part of which is specifically related to the protection of young audiences.

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