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SFR innovates for a greener, safer and more united world

Innovation is at the heart of the sustainable development strategy of SFR, which aims to help create a greener, safer and more united world.

  • Creating a greener world presents SFR with a dual challenge. The goal is to be exemplary in terms of energy consumption and to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The 2011 construction of the new eco-friendly data center in Trappes (video on the left below) illustrates the key role innovation plays in energy performance. Another key eco-design initiative involves the neufbox Evolution (video on the right below), whose main environmental impact has been reduced by 30-50% and its electricity consumption by 30-40% thanks in particular to its onboard monitoring system.

These video are only available in French

Left: SFR has opened in 2011 the first eco-friendly data center, at the cutting edge of innovation. The innovative installations improve the technical performance of the center (increased security of data, storage volume and computing power), while reducing its energy consumption.

Right: Reducing environmental impacts of ADSL set-top boxes is a key issue for SFR. Thus, at the end of 2010, it has created a new eco-designed neufbox Evolution, even more eco-friendly and energy efficient than the previous one. This product is part of the eco-conception process initiated two years ago by SFR, which is totally in line with SFR’s commitment to contribute to a greener, safer and more united world.

  • SFR also takes action to achieve a safer world, by offering straightforward, innovative, age-appropriate solutions that protect young people when they use digital technology. The new generation of mobile parental controls launched in the first half of 2012 makes it possible to set up filters on mobile Internet, and also offers Portail Junior, the first access portal designed for very young users.

  • A_la_pointe_SFR_logoDisabilityIn addition SFR has been innovating in aid of a more united world. Since 2010, SFR has been working with DEAFI, a specialist in customized customer-relations services. With this partnership, SFR has been able to serve its hearing-impaired customers while helping deaf and hearing-impaired workers become more employable. On March 27, 2012, this service received the Disability Matters Award (in the Marketplace category), which recognizes the commitment of companies that meet the needs of the disabled.
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