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SFR, new signatory of the UN Global Compact

SFR_logoGlobalCompactOn April 12, 2012, SFR joined the signatory companies of United Nations Global Compact, of which Vivendi is already part (see our 2011 Communication on Progress published on May 11, 2012).

Increasing equal opportunity within the company and in society as a whole, reducing the environmental impact of its operations and helping as many people as possible to benefit from digital technology: social responsibility is at the heart of SFR’s strategy and operations. SFR’s adherence to the principles of the Global Compact is an extension of its commitment, and gives its corporate social responsibility an international dimension. In joining the Global Compact, SFR intends to help further the Compact’s principles and to boost their integration into the group’s strategy, action plans and operating methods. With a view to transparency, it has also committed to publishing a report on its actions once per year.

Launched in July 2000 on the impetus of then-United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the Global Compact is an international initiative bringing together several hundred companies, NGOs and civil-society organizations to focus on ten universal principles involving human rights, labor rights, the environment and efforts to end corruption. The goal is to use this international network to work together toward the development of a sustainable economy that values people.

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