Special Focus

Spreading happiness through music

Music for Youth (MFY) is a British organization that encourages thousands of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods to pursue personal growth through music. Every year, the Birmingham National Festival provides an opportunity for groups from the entire country to meet, compete on stage, compose and learn from each other.

MFY encourages composition efforts and general creativity, while Vivendi Create Joy is involved in providing rewards for the top young talents.

Create Joy also supports several MFY initiatives, such as the Piece on a Postcard project, wherein a special piece of music is composed for the occasion that can be played by beginners and the most experienced musicians alike using any instrument and even the voice. The project takes its name from the fact that the piece fits onto a single postcard, which is distributed free of charge throughout the UK and can be downloaded.

Create Joy is also a partner in the creation of the Vivendi Sounds Massed Ensemble, composed of 600 young people aged 11 to 21 from disadvantaged backgrounds who wish to try making music. The Vivendi Sounds Massed Ensemble will perform at London’s Royal Albert Hall on November 12, 2012 – an excellent challenge for these young participants. There’s lots of excitement ahead!

And MFY is of course working with Orchestra à l’Ecole on the exchange project between France and the UK.

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