Long Term Vision

The Create Joy Ambassador program

Vivendi Create Joy encourages its employees to get involved in the initiatives carried out by partner non-profit organizations. In January, the Create Joy Ambassador internal program was launched. It involves encouraging employees to get to know better the work of organizations by offering them the chance to make visits and meet with the young beneficiaries. The ambassador employees can then share what they have experienced with coworkers.

Since January, over 45 employees have made trips to see the projects financed by Vivendi first-hand. They attend workshops, meetings and rehearsals, depending on schedules and opportunities offered by the organizations.

All the employees highlighted the warm welcome they received and the kindness of the organizations’ staff. They enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the projects and see how Vivendi’s commitment takes concrete shape. All of these employees admired the work being done and felt moved by these encounters. They all want to be more involved and to follow the projects. 

At the end of the year, an Organizations Forum will be held, where the organizations can offer interested employees the opportunity to get involved in their activities through skills sponsorship. The organizations have prepared ‘job’ descriptions ahead of time for contributions ranging from one hour to a few weeks, or even more!

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