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The seasonal channels

This year, the Canal+ Group has launched three seasonal channels: the Santa Claus Channel, Campus Bac for students and the Special London Champions Channel.

CanalSat_chaine_des_championsThe Special London Champions Channel This third seasonal channel, dedicated entirely to the 2012 Olympic Games, will be available to subscribers on CanalSat from July 6 to August 20, 2012 via satellite and ADSL. Derived from Trace Sports’ original concept, it offers a selection of over 118 hours of exclusive original programs covering the life, passions, preparation and career paths of the top French and international champions and hopefuls. Available 24/7, the Special London Champions Channel will offer fresh programming all summer according to the schedule of events in London. It is accessible on TV, PC, Xbox 360, tablet computers and mobile devices. A selection of programs will be available in catch-up mode on CanalSat On Demand. The channel is designed for viewers who love sports and sporting events and who, before and after the competitions, want to learn more about their favorite champions.

Special content for students In May, as the French secondary-school examination (the baccalauréat) period approached, Canal+ launched a temporary channel designed to help students prepare. Canal+ and CanalSat campus_bacsubscribers were able to access this exclusive new channel, which offered exceptional content based on the editorial expertise of Planète+, including advice, tips, comedy breaks, reports and documentaries related to the exam. In all, there were 90 hours of 100%-exam-related programming. A companion site, www.campusbac.fr, was accessible to all Internet users via PC, tablet computer and smartphone.

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