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SFR ventures into cloud computing

SFR and Bull have obtained French governmental support for the rollout of a cloud-computing infrastructure. SFR will hold 47% of the capital in this project, known as Andromède, with Bull holding 20% and the Caisse des Dépôts 33%. This project represents a €225-million investment.

Cloud computing refers to the remote delivery of computing and storage capacity and pooled resources (software, for example) via telecom networks. Thus freed from data storage concerns, users can access their data or process files from any terminal.

Cloud computing is a major competitive challenge for the French and European economies, offering tremendous capacity for innovation and development. It allows SMEs and large corporations access to cutting-edge solutions incorporating optimal security without the need for heavy investment. Another major advantage of this sovereign cloud computing project is that data are physically maintained in France and Europe, which is not the case for many offers from international competitors.

The offer has been available since June, a nearly immediate start-up that can be easily explained by the fact that cloud computing is an integral part of SFR’s core business activity. The operator already has the ultra-high-bandwidth infrastructures for both landline and mobile service needed to access the future platform’s servers. It also has the hosting capabilities and the expertise needed to develop them. But just as important, SFR has many years of experience in serving large corporations, government agencies, territorial authorities and countless SMEs, giving it in-depth knowledge of the expectations of Andromède’s future customers.

At a time when SFR must cope with increased competition in its core business line, cloud computing and Andromède offer a true growth catalyst with the promise of rapid development.

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