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GVT’s pay-TV package an outstanding success

Since January 2012, GVT has been marketing a pay-TV package based on IPTV technology (television services delivered via IP-based networks such as the Internet) and satellite. This is the first package of this type to be marketed in Brazil.

The project, a perfect illustration of inter-company synergies, was successfully carried out with the help of Canal+ and SFR. As of March 31, 2012, 113,000 customers had already subscribed to the package, representing a 6% penetration rate of GVT’s broadband customer base (the general public and SMEs) and moving it closer to its objective of 400,000 customers by year-end.

This package comes in addition to the tremendous growth of the operator’s Internet and high-speed landline offers. GVT’s 2012 revenues should see an increase of about 35% at constant currency rates. Already available in 119 cities as of the end of 2011, service is expected to be available in 23 additional cities this year, with a target of 185 cities by 2017.

More generally, Vivendi has accelerated the pace of GVT’s growth, with the Brazilian operator’s investments expected to reach €1 billion in 2012 versus €705 million in 2011, €535 million in 2010 and €238 million in 2009 (GVT has been fully consolidated by Vivendi since November 13, 2009).

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