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Replacement of committee members

The Vivendi Shareholders’ Committee originated in late 2009, and it is now time to replace three of its nine members. If you are interested in becoming a member, please call the Individual Shareholder Relations department’s toll-free number from a landline in France (0805-050 -050 )  or download the application package from the website and return the completed application to Vivendi, Individual Shareholder Relations department, 42 Avenue de Friedland, 75008 Paris, France.

comite_des_actionnairesThe Vivendi Shareholders’ Committee is an advisory body with the objective of promoting dialogue and open communication between the group and individual shareholders. It aims to improve the quality of the information and services that Vivendi provides for its individual shareholders and to offer a means for a panel of shareholders to express their expectations, ideas and suggestions concerning their communications and relations with the Group.

To become a member of the committee, you must be a natural person and hold at least five Vivendi shares in registered or bearer form or, for employees, hold shares in the Group Savings Plan (PEG). The securities or shares should be kept for the entire term of your committee membership.

After your application has been received and selected, you will be invited by the Vivendi Corporate Communications department to an individual interview lasting approximately one hour. Members of the Vivendi Shareholders’ Committee are chosen after examination of their application package and in light of the motivation expressed during the individual interview. Vivendi also endeavors to ensure that the committee’s membership reflects the diversity of the entire body of individual shareholders. The Vivendi Shareholders’ Committee meets at least twice per year, including for the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

Complete information concerning the Vivendi Shareholders’ Committee can be found on the website (under the Individual Shareholders – Shareholders’ Committee – Charter heading).

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