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Vivendi’s telecoms seminar in Rio de Janeiro

An in-house seminar focusing on telecoms was held in early March in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This much anticipated three-day event was attended by management teams from GVT, SFR and Maroc Telecom as well as Universal Music, and of course included representatives from Vivendi’s corporate headquarters.

This first such seminar was the result of a deep desire on the part of the group’s various management teams to exchange views. Hervé-Matthieu Ricour, GVT’s VP for Strategy and Business Development, pointed out the expectations for the seminar to participants. The purpose was to give the group’s management teams an opportunity to meet each other, exchange views on key issues concerning their business lines and share best practices.

The seminar’s participants were joined by Amos Genish, CEO of GVT, and Sandrine Dufour, Vivendi’s Executive VP for Innovation and Deputy CFO.

The seminar was organized around four workshops, each devoted to a specific topic: product marketing, marketing and sales, technology, and finance. Such topics as cloud computing services for businesses, marketing strategies for ultra-high-speed broadband and “last mile” technical solutions for connecting end customers were fully developed, and various areas for cooperation were agreed upon in the working groups.

Hosted by GVT in the world’s sixth-largest economy, this seminar instilled a real sense of energy in its participants, offering them many opportunities to interact. They also had a chance to benefit from each other’s experiences, which ultimately strengthened their sense of belonging to the group. Plans have already been made to meet again, with an equally ambitious agenda that has already been outlined. Among other issues, discussions will focus on developing a broadband modem strategy, prepaid mobile offers, broadband value-added services and anti-fraud solutions. During the next seminar, the number of working groups could be increased to include such topics as regulatory issues, information technology, human resources and purchasing.

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